30 Funniest Snapchat Fails


You gotta love snapchat for all those hilarious stories that you get to see every day. Some of these stories are so hilarious, you’ll literally end up laughing out loud. The hilarious part is sometimes even the curators of the story themselves are unaware of what they’ve actually posted until it goes viral. 


Listed in this post are 30 hilarious snapchat fails that will seriously make you laugh. I can’t stop laughing on the 3rd photo. How can they not see it? Scroll on and enjoy peeps:

  1. 1 And her fashion fails.

  2. 2 Worst kinda trap

  3. 3 These are weird engagement goals

  4. 4 What was she even doing?


  5. 5 Classy!

  6. 6 Some new hair straightening technique

  7. 7 Gotta take a leap of faith

  8. 8 Cows love to chase him!

  9. 9 This Apple Watch!

  10. 10 Guess they had free soap

  11. 11 Do you wanna build a snowman?

  12. 12 This deserves some applause

  13. 13 When you ask your boyfriend for help....

  14. 14 Bad birdie!

  15. 15 Happy Birthday!

  16. 16 Gotta go shopping soon

  17. 17 Let's do something new today doggo

  18. 18 I was never good at math anyways

  19. 19 Every time you're having a bad day at work, remember these guys

  20. 20 Job well done

  21. 21 Really windy...

  22. 22 They'll definitely be asking questions when they get home

  23. 23 "Only Ketchup"

  24. 24 Just one selfie mate

  25. 25 Nice color

  26. 26 At least he was good at synonyms

  27. 27 Don't let it go to waste

  28. 28 Better than matching nothing I guess

  29. 29 Bae caught me performing extreme toe stunts

  30. 30 Saturday got a little too wild.


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