30 Funniest Photos of Todays Internet


Are you getting bored? Don’t fret it! You’re at the right place. We’ll lighten up your mood in a jiffy.

In this post, we have a hilarious collection of some of the funniest photos of today’s internet that will seriously make you laugh out loud. Some of these pictures are incredibly witty, you’ll be impressed. Others are so absurd that you’ll be forced to question the intellect of humanity. Nevertheless, it is an interesting collection, and it is guaranteed to ward off your boredom.


Scroll on and enjoy peeps. Share this post with your best friends so you can all enjoy some roars of laughter together.

  1. 1 Picking a fight with the wrong guy

  2. 2 Let the battle begin

  3. 3 Approach life vivaciously

  4. 4 When you see people using faceapp everywhere


  5. 5 Looks legit to get the leave approved

  6. 6 If Kim Kardashian married a white man

  7. 7 MJ shedding his light upon us

  8. 8 All I needed were hand braces

  9. 9 Snails aren't friendly creatures

  10. 10 Keeping it subtle

  11. 11 Try out duraplugs for extra safety

  12. 12 My friend’s birthday gift to her husband: a fantastic painting of their Derperman Pinscher

  13. 13 Mission Accomplished

  14. 14 Step Number 1

  15. 15 Running for the nut prize

  16. 16 He's performing at the raid

  17. 17 How do I take a selfie here?

  18. 18 Like mommy like son

  19. 19 Cashing in on the marketing campaigns

  20. 20 We don't need sweaty dollar bills

  21. 21 Call my people!!

  22. 22 That's all our moms

  23. 23 Can't even start being successful

  24. 24 Just a person sunbathing in his heatwave.

  25. 25 My local science centre rocks.

  26. 26 Do you feel like getting a sign?

  27. 27 Make sure you got your fishing license this year. They are getting real sneaky....

  28. 28 Just to clear out any confusions

  29. 29 Someone robbed them with this graphic idea

  30. 30 Every Mom needs this

  31. 31 Eating carpet strictly prohibited


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