30 Funniest Girls Memes Of All Time


Raise your hand if you’ve ever been called “Girl! You are crazy.” Come on, don’t be shy! You’re definitely not alone.  Girls can sometimes, Oh no! In fact, they often can be unpredictable.  Whether you find them pretty, soft and kind or you consider them to be arrogant and rude… it matters not. Once girls become a part of your life, you know it is inevitable to live without them. After all, as Cindy Lauper expressed — girls just wanna have fun!


And there is nothing better than girls memes on the internet that will make you go ROFL. Scroll on and enjoy peeps! Don’t forget to share this post with all women in your social circle and enjoy the laughs together.

  1. 1 They have short term memory loss when it comes to life priorities

  2. 2 Not every guy can survive the no makeup look

  3. 3 Be scared. Be very scared!

  4. 4 The maturity graph works differently for both genders


  5. 5 May this never happen to you

  6. 6 You get to see the real me man!

  7. 7 Mirror selfies be like

  8. 8 Guys don't have the courage required for this

  9. 9 No amount of theories can help you figure that out

  10. 10 A girl will never be friends with you after that

  11. 11 Anybody in there?

  12. 12 Or she lives in another galaxy

  13. 13 Girls interrupt because they always have better ideas

  14. 14 My reason was better

  15. 15 One tiny mistake and they will take you down

  16. 16 That fake act you've gotta pull

  17. 17 Its all about how good they look

  18. 18 Never get so drunk

  19. 19 Its just my thing dude

  20. 20 You should be ashamed of yourself

  21. 21 Take notes

  22. 22 Slept like a baby

  23. 23 Execution done right

  24. 24 Satan lives in my brain

  25. 25 Women know the struggle

  26. 26 It can't be impossible

  27. 27 Apply sunscreen before you go out with those

  28. 28 99 problems but a guy ain't one

  29. 29 Right into the feels

  30. 30 Beyonce won that day


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