30 Funniest “Caught in the Act” Photos and Memes of All Time


If you’ve ever caught someone doing something they’re not supposed to be doing, then you know the look on their face at that exact moment is usually quite priceless or if the table turns upside down and someone catches you doing something you’re not supposed to do then oh boy! It’s the most unfortunate memory to remember right? Well, don’t worry my friends!  To lighten up the situation a bit you can always laugh at those unfavorable events.


Stop whatever you’re doing and get ready to have loads of fun because listed in this post are 30 funniest “Caught in the Act” photos and memes of all time. We bet every one of you will agree that looking at funny memes and photos is the best and easiest source of entertainment. In the last few years, it has become one of the most trending things on the internet and people love them. So, start your laugh meters and scroll on peeps!

  1. 1 What this? This is how I normally look.

  2. 2 Why does the kid get to have all the fun.

  3. 3 I just wanted to look pwetty.

  4. 4 I swear.


  5. 5 So that's a beer belly.

  6. 6 Midnight cravings.

  7. 7 So the prank war begins.

  8. 8 I regret nothing.

  9. 9 Don't forget to lock the door.

  10. 10 Cookie monster caught red handed.

  11. 11 Well, I accidentally slipped and landed face first on the cake.

  12. 12 The looks so scared after being caught.

  13. 13 Cat busted trying to touch the cinnamon rolls

  14. 14 I ain't never lettin' go.

  15. 15 Pen Thief!!

  16. 16 Cat burglar.

  17. 17 Just for me, you shouldn't have.

  18. 18 Aren't you a little too young to be drinking?

  19. 19 Come to mama.

  20. 20 It was like this when I got here.

  21. 21 How do you like my new necklace.

  22. 22 Makeshift leash.

  23. 23 Oops, caught in the act!

  24. 24 Great job, kid. Now hand it over.

  25. 25 Every time he gets caught doing something wrong, he makes this face, then looks at me like "Dude, help me out here."

  26. 26 Dog caught red-handed / pink-pawed

  27. 27 My curious kitten

  28. 28 Busted

  29. 29 I hope that's all peanut butter.

  30. 30 The dog did it.


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