35 Funniest and Cutest Dog Tweets That Will Definitely Brighten Your Day


Dog lovers treat their furry friends like their babies! They are practically a man’s best friend. No one beats them in terms of loyalty because their big heart means they will stay faithful and devoted to you until their last breath. Dogs are adorable, they’re cuddly and they have the purest souls. Their cute gestures always melt your heart with warmth.

In this post, we have listed 35 photos of some hilarious tweets by dog owners that will definitely brighten your day.


Scroll on and enjoy peeps. Share this post with all the dog lovers in your list, they’ll surely love it!

  1. 1 He just loves donuts!

  2. 2 That's not what you think it is buddy!

  3. 3 He deserves the attention!

  4. 4 A hardworking doggy!


  5. 5 He was not pleased at all!

  6. 6 Best costume winner!

  7. 7 You are not supposed to see this!

  8. 8 Yes, we don't deserve dogs!

  9. 9 Caught you!

  10. 10 Yes, he designed the sign!

  11. 11 Best friends ever!

  12. 12 No, he just likes to be alone!

  13. 13 She had a crush on me!

  14. 14 That's exactly the face!

  15. 15 He just likes making friends..

  16. 16 Me on every Monday morning!

  17. 17 That's one dog I would like to stay away from..

  18. 18 When you had a fight and she forces you to sleep on the floor!

  19. 19 Exactly!

  20. 20 Explosive indeed!

  21. 21 I can talk to them for the rest of my life!

  22. 22 Precisely their dogs!

  23. 23 Feed the dog please!

  24. 24 He loved the joke!

  25. 25 Things we and the dogs have in common!

  26. 26 You all have to listen to me!

  27. 27 I wish they had cell phones!

  28. 28 Le me give you company while you bath!

  29. 29 We twining!

  30. 30 He seems to love the sun!

  31. 31 That's why you should not lie on your CV!

  32. 32 Even happier than you are!

  33. 33 Always wondered what's on the other side of the fence..

  34. 34 He just couldn't resist the cuteness!

  35. 35 The satisfaction on his face says it all!


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