30 Fashion Memes That Will Make You Go ROLF


Fashion is quite a weird thing. Sometimes the fashion designers come up with the most ridiculous trends which seems totally unacceptable to an average person. But, it’s no secret either that when it comes to fashion, bad clothing designs can go a long way. Unless you keep yourself informed about the fashion trends, it’s difficult to know just what is and what isn’t considered to be “in” at any given time. Sometimes the fashion trend is so bad that people turn them into hilarious memes which ultimately becomes an antidote to fashion’s poe-faced stereotype.


Fashion memes make the most ordinary topics relatable by making extravagant style moments both on and off the catwalk. They poke fun at some of life’s most serious topics. So, start your laugh meter and scroll on to see our curated list of 30 most hilarious fashion memes that will make you laugh out loud. Enjoy peeps!

  1. 1 He definitely took it a little too seriously.

  2. 2 Designer's these days.

  3. 3 Grandma's be killing the fashion scene.

  4. 4 He shouldn't be allowed to pick out his own clothes.


  5. 5 Well, at least he's warm.

  6. 6 It's called fashion.

  7. 7 I can't be the only one who's bothered by that.

  8. 8 Steven Seagal.

  9. 9 He's never making it to that football game.

  10. 10 But it sure is beautiful.

  11. 11 They've finally gone and lost their minds.

  12. 12 So she used to be a model.

  13. 13 No matter how much money you make, you still love that stuff from your childhood.

  14. 14 Best of both worlds.

  15. 15 That is just the state of the world, brotha.

  16. 16 That underwear probably costs more than my car.

  17. 17 Rich people are out of their minds.

  18. 18 Bed comfort specialist.

  19. 19 Those crocs just take it to a whole nother level.

  20. 20 I know it's evil, but I can imagine her falling.

  21. 21 Seriously, Kanye, stick to making music.

  22. 22 Uh, uh, gurl.

  23. 23 That has got to be one of the stupidest things ever.

  24. 24 Somebody call the fashion police.

  25. 25 Can that guy even see through that stuff.

  26. 26 Better than what half of the people at fashion shows are wearing.

  27. 27 He probably wants to kill himself.

  28. 28 What did I just see.

  29. 29 Somebody please fire this guy.

  30. 30 Close enough.

  31. 31 They must be so proud.

  32. 32 Life is all about evolution.


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