30 Extreme Balancing Acts That Will Amaze You


If you’re like us, you’ll love to see cool balancing acts. As adults, we know that when we see a floating guy, he’s not really floating at all. But it still makes us excited and curious.


If you’re fond of tricks, you’ll love this post. We have compiled a list of 30 awesome extreme balancing acts featuring humans, elephants and even families. It’s really cool, and sort of makes you wonder how they do it, doesn’t it? Scroll on and enjoy peeps:

  1. 1 It looks very inappropriate and I just can't help it

  2. 2 I feel sorry for the poor guy at the bottom

  3. 3 And what skills do you possess?

  4. 4 Art has no boundaries


  5. 5 Positions that never work. If you know what I mean.

  6. 6 Routine

  7. 7 Me and my brother when we're bored

  8. 8 Is Tony Hawk single?

  9. 9 That's how my kitty sleeps

  10. 10 Living on the edge

  11. 11 Just another day of me going to work

  12. 12 Life's Joyful Balancing Act!

  13. 13 This guy's in another league

  14. 14 My equipment is all balanced

  15. 15 This balance act is smoking hot!

  16. 16 Chairs, bottles and what not

  17. 17 House of cards

  18. 18 You got 10 cents mate?

  19. 19 Need some more ice over here

  20. 20 Team work at its best

  21. 21 When you're not good at bowling but you've got ways to impress people

  22. 22 Group studies be like

  23. 23 She'll do well at multi tasking

  24. 24 Need a pint?

  25. 25 They roll together

  26. 26 I love tacos and I love to balance things

  27. 27 When you have too many extra chairs at home

  28. 28 Who needs a car?

  29. 29 Which company made this ball?!

  30. 30 Congratulations Bro! You broke Physics...


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