30 Exotic Hair Styles


We come across all sorts of people in our lives and our fellow human beings keep on surprising us. Today’s post is one of the funniest ever and it’s about hairstyles. Hair is obviously thought as one of the major things that showcase your personality and mostly people spend a lot on their hair styles and the hair stylists are richly paid. Everybody wants to look dashing and attractive and hair is one major thing that determines your looks.


The guys in this post however went a little too far and their ideas of looking unique are hilarious. We wanted to pick the funniest picture in the list but it’s very difficult for us to pick any one so we leave it up to you. Scroll down peeps and enjoy.

  1. 1 Because he does what he wants

  2. 2 Hair stylist: What style do you want?.. Her: Make me a rainbow.

  3. 3 She can fly. Just needs some practice

  4. 4 Ever done this while shampooing your hair?


  5. 5 When your head looks like a portable marijuana garden

  6. 6 Paid Advertisement

  7. 7 The similarity with JLo is uncanny

  8. 8 There should be a federal punishment for hairstyles like these

  9. 9 One solution to all your hair problems

  10. 10 A crab's wonderland

  11. 11 Met him at the airport. I asked him what made him do that and he replied "Cause I can"

  12. 12 I am against this cruelty

  13. 13 This guy sat next to me in the exam. Kept asking his head for answers the whole time. That's one rude head.


  14. 14 It's called the black steam

  15. 15 I'll take the rainbow look!

  16. 16 Deep down he still knows he's going bald

  17. 17 Abstract art at its best

  18. 18 I’ll take that LEGO look

  19. 19 When you can't hold your horses

  20. 20 When you put shampoo in your hair and forget to wash it off

  21. 21 Asked for a Snoop Dog haircut, wasn't disappointed

  22. 22 It's called the octopus

  23. 23 If Sonic was human

  24. 24 Barber: What do you want? Her: Make me a tennis ball

  25. 25 Something Dragon Ball Z fans would appreciate

  26. 26 Inspired by Ronaldo Lima

  27. 27 What do you want for breakfast son?

  28. 28 The GOAT hairstyle of all time

  29. 29 What breed is that?

  30. 30 Orange cheese?


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