20 Epic Fails – Volume 2


If you’ve seen our previous Epic Fail collections, you’ll know that in this collection, we post a series of hilarious pictures from all genres that depict serious blunders. These blunders are so hilarious and so absurd that your first instinct after seeing the photos will be to either face palm or slow clap to appreciate the level of stupidity that went behind these occurrences.


Listed in this post are 20 photos of completely absurd events and blunders. Scroll on and enjoy peeps:

  1. 1 When you have bad luck, disaster could come from any direction

  2. 2 This is not the ball they're playing with mate

  3. 3 Kelli Tennant 6'6 in heels with Kike Hernandez 5'11 (Post Game Interview)

  4. 4 Ant man in action


  5. 5 Down -- Sean Paul

  6. 6 This guy's frog legs featured in an ad

  7. 7 It's pretty famous in Ghana...

  8. 8 Take that! All of it!

  9. 9 This is what friends are for

  10. 10 But you were supposed to help!!

  11. 11 Can you imagine the pain? I can't either...

  12. 12 A tip of the school...

  13. 13 Talk about taking wrong paths in life

  14. 14 You have to pay with round tiny iron things

  15. 15 May God bless the departed...

  16. 16 Science WTF?!

  17. 17 Heard my son crying this morning. Came downstairs to this...

  18. 18 This is how my mind blows after watching 10 y/0 kids in relationships these days

  19. 19 Lunch is served!

  20. 20 This is perfect


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