35 Epic Expectation Vs Reality Photos That Will Teach you to Manage Your Expectations


They say, “We should keep our expectations low or else life will serve us disappointment.” However, we refuse to learn this timeless wisdom that life offers again and again. Whether it is trying a new haircut simply because it looks good on a celebrity or waiting for a super moon to appear with its mesmerizing effect. Things don’t always turn out the way you expect them to be, because we do not understand reality due to our out-of-whack expectations.

In this post, we have listed hilarious comparisons of expectations vs. reality photos that will teach you to manage your expectations.


Scroll on and enjoy peeps!

  1. 1 Now we know why Kim got the haircut

  2. 2 Another harsh reality of life

  3. 3 When you try and learn makeup from a youtube tutorial

  4. 4 Only if you can fit in first


  5. 5 My T Rex just had a physical breakdown

  6. 6 Expectations suck at times

  7. 7 Joey doesn't like exercise

  8. 8 Need a better photographer to fulfill expectations

  9. 9 You can never look pretty while sleeping

  10. 10 The official LOL face

  11. 11 Planks don't make you look hot. Period!

  12. 12 Messy is the new sexy


  13. 13 Duck Face!

  14. 14 Pixie Haircut!

  15. 15 When your girl is flat but clever

  16. 16 Quick reactions are the worst

  17. 17 Kissing needs experience

  18. 18 Water drains the energy outta you

  19. 19 I never understands how it only blows their hair away

  20. 20 Just like the bubble of my life

  21. 21 Drooling through life

  22. 22 No super moon for you guys

  23. 23 How to NOT draw 101

  24. 24 Gotta be flexible to look sexy these days

  25. 25 Lindsay, is that you?

  26. 26 When you try and be your own hair stylist

  27. 27 Looked better in the sample photo

  28. 28 Not so sexy anymore eh?


  29. 29 Not the princess of your dreams I suppose

  30. 30 Crow Pose! Expectation vs Reality

  31. 31 Facial hair game is too weak

  32. 32 Mr. Bean is the real thug

  33. 33 Get those squats going

  34. 34 Life of a baller

  35. 35 Who looks better?


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