30 Epic Design Fails You Won’t Believe Actually Happened – New Photos


You know designers are allowed to have their off days. They can’t all be Leonardo Da Vinci when it comes to design. Now and then we come across some epic design fails, which are so silly that we cannot resist laughing at them. They are so embarrassingly messed up and useless, that they make you wonder how they were created in the first place.

We know that you have seen examples of lousy design fails. But were those products as creative as the ones in this collection? You be the judge and decide! We have listed epic design disasters that are going to make you burst into laughter.


Scroll on and enjoy peeps!

  1. 1 So my buddies and I found a locked gate...

  2. 2 This ad for graduation photography

  3. 3 When you got bankrupt buying the phone

  4. 4 Welcoming employees in style


  5. 5 Give me those eggs

  6. 6 I hope she doesn't break any bones

  7. 7 Toilet in the middle of the staircase. Just for a change.

  8. 8 The decoration you should think twice for

  9. 9 The best Halloween toy

  10. 10 When you eat Mexican food and try to run

  11. 11 Straight into the eyes

  12. 12 When the bench placing team is high

  13. 13 So you can have a chat with people outside

  14. 14 Fire Thrower?!

  15. 15 This guy's frog legs featured in an ad

  16. 16 Not my skin goal

  17. 17 This Massaged Monstrosity

  18. 18 How do I open this secret door

  19. 19 Tippy toes on the ramp

  20. 20 That's an interesting mirror

  21. 21 This ad was meant to depict how much the tiger had grown in 10 years. Instead, it looks like....

  22. 22 Act like humans, not animals

  23. 23 We're getting cold out here

  24. 24 Is this how people are born in Australia

  25. 25 Every Uber driver when I'm sitting at the back

  26. 26 The Lions had too much coffee

  27. 27 You'll feel it when you see the price

  28. 28 Error 404: Curves not found

  29. 29 Going to school in flexible fashion

  30. 30 Pick a flavor


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