33 Eccentric Photos That Desperately Needs Explanation


The world is a weird place. Sometimes people do stupid, senseless things. One look at them forces you to question their rationality because whatever logic you may find sometimes their photos are quite hard to explain.

From some people, the eccentric adventures of these people are strokes of creative genius for other skeptics like us, it is pure stupidity. The only sane explanation that comes to mind for their odd behavior is that they do whatever makes them happy without worrying about what others will think about them.


In this post, we have listed up almost 33 eccentric photos that do not make any sense at all and definitely needs an explanation for clarity’s sake.  From a creepy banana protection wall to a man taking selfies with deadly cobras – this list is full of absurd photos that will make you go ROFL. Scroll down and enjoy peeps.

  1. 1 Wait ... What? Why?

  2. 2 Isn't this creative?

  3. 3 The teacher asked him to be creative ...

  4. 4 Ouch! That must've hurt!


  5. 5 Eiffel tower of poor people ...

  6. 6 Yes, you read it right ... Use the elevator!

  7. 7 I would prefer standing!

  8. 8 The face you make on a Monday morning school bus ...

  9. 9 That's how you should loose weight too!

  10. 10 Result of excessive drinking ...

  11. 11 Damn! those muscles!!

  12. 12 I would like to play this sport!

  13. 13 He must have lost a bet to his best friend!

  14. 14 Not sure who's the alien here ...

  15. 15 He had a passion for fishing!

  16. 16 The lil niece would not be happy for sure...

  17. 17 He loves to go shopping!

  18. 18 This surely needs a lot of explaining!

  19. 19 Me with my best friends!

  20. 20 She didn't have a clue!

  21. 21 We are ashamed Photoshop!

  22. 22 These boys have got some skills for sure ...

  23. 23 When your wife puts makeup on you!

  24. 24 Just a normal noodles lover!!

  25. 25 That's not how you're supposed to use the tape!

  26. 26 The doctor said cucumber is good for your face ...

  27. 27 We should give her credit for the creativity at least ...

  28. 28 Such a good looking neck isn't it?

  29. 29 This surely needs a lot of explaining to do!

  30. 30 They must be blind!

  31. 31 We apologise dear muscles ...

  32. 32 Taking privacy to the next level!

  33. 33 When you know you messed up and now you have to hid from mom!

  34. 34 That's a strong little girl!


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