33 Dumbest Summer Fails


Yes, we know many of us are in love with summers, especially the vacations, late night parties, bikinis and loads of cold booze drinking. But, you can’t deny the fact that we all have moments when we fall flat on our faces and experience some unbearable summer fails.

From sweaty armpits to a goofball like tans, among us are some people so wildly successful at dumbest summer fails that you can’t help but appreciate the enormity of the fail they’ve managed.


Get ready to laugh and roll your eyes a little because listed in this post are 33 hilarious summer fails that will make you go ROFL.  These photos are as funny as they are unfortunate and they definitely serve as a cautionary tale for anyone who’s planning on savoring their favorite summer season. Scroll on peeps and enjoy!

  1. 1 The perfect place for a mid day nap

  2. 2 All the water's coming out soon

  3. 3 Define Chilling? There you go.

  4. 4 There's always that one friend

  5. 5 Protecting the neck from sunburns


  6. 6 Jon Snow, chilling in the Wild

  7. 7 When the beach is too far

  8. 8 Hollow man, is that you?

  9. 9 When the sun doesn't treat you right

  10. 10 it's too cold in the space

  11. 11 OCD patients would die after seeing this

  12. 12 Talk about innovation

  13. 13 Beaches in China be like

  14. 14 It's me and myself

  15. 15 When summer leaves a mark on you

  16. 16 Sleeping in the perfect place

  17. 17 The height of being single

  18. 18 Very cute

  19. 19 Halal beach day

  20. 20 God bless obesity

  21. 21 Now I wanna go to the beach

  22. 22 The tan is real

  23. 23 Clingy girlfriends be like

  24. 24 This beach looks dope

  25. 25 Expectations vs Reality

  26. 26 She definitely doesn't like the sun

  27. 27 Where's mommy?!

  28. 28 What does it look like?

  29. 29 He's taking the real photo

  30. 30 Don't let it get too tan

  31. 31 Men will be men

  32. 32 They love ice cream

  33. 33 Me vs my life


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