33 Drivers Who Should Give Up Their Licenses Asap


We all eagerly wait to have our driving license and drive our own car. However, as this post illustrates not everyone can drive and we need to have a caution on the roads or we may meet fellows like these and as you can imagine the results would be scary. 


Listed below are photos of 33 amateur drivers whose driving license should definitely be canceled or else they might end up harming somebody on the road, especially themselves. Scroll down peeps and enjoy this post. Some of these pictures are quite hilarious and will make you laugh out loud. 

  1. 1 Me interfering with other people's business like

  2. 2 Walking on fine lines

  3. 3 Busted in style

  4. 4 When bae says she is home alone!


  5. 5 WTF?! Three Wheeler!

  6. 6 It looks safe....

  7. 7 It actually fits....!

  8. 8 Do idiots on bikes count?

  9. 9 Seems legit!

  10. 10 Got an interview in 5 minutes

  11. 11 Princess Elsa driving to work

  12. 12 Gotta feel sorry for this guy

  13. 13 Multi tasking at its best

  14. 14 Mad Max (Indian Adventure)

  15. 15 When the land lord kicks you out without notice

  16. 16 Anyone smell roasted duck?

  17. 17 Going to a biker's meet. They said I should bring my partner along.

  18. 18 Any guesses what's going on in there?

  19. 19 The art of diagonal parking

  20. 20 How would that help?

  21. 21 How you feel after one week of working out

  22. 22 She said she'll go to prom with whoever gives her the biggest present

  23. 23 Its got wheels and it moves

  24. 24 I think they're shooting Mission Impossible in this car

  25. 25 Final moment exam prep be like

  26. 26 Late for the Friday night party

  27. 27 First meal of the day must not be skipped

  28. 28 When you can’t afford a tow truck

  29. 29 How Does this even happen? And whose fault is that?

  30. 30 The other cars will adjust accordingly! I don't care!

  31. 31 Id**t of the week award goes to......

  32. 32 Just chilling around with my babe...

  33. 33 Bruh. it's not even strapped.


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