30 Downright Crazy Winter Photos From Russia


Russians never fail to surprise us. They’re resilience in the freezing cold weather is seriously commendable. Enduring the cold weather is one thing, they practically bask in it. Don’t be surprised if you see a Russian gal showing off her bikini as it snows, it happens in Russia! People don’t wait for summers to show off their body and swim suits, they do it all year round!


Listed in this post are 30 seriously crazy winter photos from Russia. Don’t miss the 12th one, it’ll seriously surprise you! Scroll on and enjoy peeps:

  1. 1

  2. 2

  3. 3 Limited Edition Hairstyle

  4. 4 Unwanted curtains be like


  5. 5 Anyone need a workout partner?

  6. 6 Preparing for the exams, Russian style

  7. 7 The car is definitely in a safe spot

  8. 8 This man has life all figured out

  9. 9 My Pup was feeling a little cold today

  10. 10 Sunbathing in Russia

  11. 11 Not the picnic destination many would choose

  12. 12 Can't explain this even if I try

  13. 13 That's gonna be one strong baby

  14. 14 Friendship goals?

  15. 15 How dare you tell me Frozen wasn't the best movie of all time

  16. 16 Fancy a cup of coffee?

  17. 17 It's Readable...

  18. 18 Post Christmas family time

  19. 19 Wanna try this honeymoon destination?

  20. 20 Russian billionaires have their way of chilling

  21. 21 The pool is now officially our dance floor

  22. 22 I would skip this cruise ride

  23. 23 Me heading into the week like

  24. 24 A souvenir from the dive

  25. 25 I parked the car in the wrong spot. Guess I'll have to come back in the summer to get it

  26. 26 So close yet so far...

  27. 27 Fire and ice 2.0

  28. 28 Typical Monday

  29. 29 Meanwhile in Russia, passengers help to push back the aircraft!

  30. 30


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