35 Deep Illustrations Showing the Harsh Reality of the World


Art isn’t supposed to be all fairytale photographs and landscape shots. Yeah, many artists often use their canvas as a portal to express how they feel about people, places, and things. But lately, art act as a catalyst of change because numerous artist has steered towards satirical illustrations to show that the world we are living in today is a place where all that glitters, isn’t really gold.  You need to focus to understand the story behind everything.

Our world’s crazy contradictions are the endless pool of inspiration for many talented artists, who had to make a choice at a certain point of their life between the sad reality of the world or the wretchedly created illusion. Society is driven by abrupt vices and evils. So, it’s time the world open up their eyes and takes a few steps toward the betterment.


Listed in this post are 35 deep illustrations that caricature modern life and our world’s ironic situations. Scroll on peeps and check them out yourself!

  1. 1 All Pokemon Go players can relate

  2. 2 Whispering it to the world

  3. 3 It’s still a man’s world, sweetie.

  4. 4 The Brain's balcony


  5. 5 Don't let your children fall into that pit because of your own differences

  6. 6 Charity isn't something to show off about

  7. 7 Leading fake lives on social media

  8. 8 There's so much you could do with your time

  9. 9 WiFi signals and the ladder of enlightenment

  10. 10 Media these days

  11. 11 They're taking away what's yours

  12. 12 We need to sort out our priorities

  13. 13 This is the world for you sweetie

  14. 14 Cleaning up the nostalgia

  15. 15 The world deserves equality

  16. 16 Standing up for what you want and who you want

  17. 17 Have some compassion. Don't be like them.

  18. 18 Life of a Gold Digger

  19. 19 Don't let it become an addiction

  20. 20 Technology over food

  21. 21 Friends these days

  22. 22 The odd one out

  23. 23 Don't let it grow on you

  24. 24 Crossing these hurdles over and over again

  25. 25 It's getting harder to raise kids without feeding them with social media

  26. 26 How capitalism works

  27. 27 The poor are feeding on the leftovers

  28. 28 Dinner in the current era

  29. 29 The burger invasion

  30. 30 The whole system is flawed

  31. 31 In a parallel universe

  32. 32 Slaves if social media

  33. 33 A sad time to live in for book readers

  34. 34 Love is online and not in the air anymore

  35. 35 Brainwashing this generation


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