32 Deceptive Photos That Will Make You Want to Look Twice or Even Thrice


Ever seen a photo on the internet that requires you to look twice or sometimes even thrice? We bet you have because the internet is an endless pit of deceiving photos that you can’t make out on the first glance.  They’ll look normal upon the first glimpse, though you’ll see a lot of oddities upon a closer look. You can’t really grasp the whole picture within a flash per second; these photos demand closer scrutiny to comprehend what’s actually happening. If we can only learn to pause and reflect, we can actually see through many illusions that exist around us similar to the ones made in deceptive photos.


So, train your brain a little and scroll on to see our curated selection of 32 deceptive photos listed below that will make you want to look twice or even thrice. Buckle up and enjoy peeps!

  1. 1 My dog loves to walk like humans

  2. 2 My dog when you don't feed him for a few hours

  3. 3 Friend was digging in garden. Iris root looked like baby foot.

  4. 4 These clouds make the building look like they're on fire


  5. 5 That panorama fail

  6. 6 The amount of fur on this kitty is unreal

  7. 7 An electronic billboard had an error at night and happened to look like the sky had one.

  8. 8 What's happening on the right corner?

  9. 9 Nice beach clothing mate

  10. 10 When you have an extra leg so you can jump easily

  11. 11 We're cool mate

  12. 12 When you've been living with animals for too long

  13. 13 Every Asian soup ever

  14. 14 Hubby's cross dressing tonight

  15. 15 Characters from Narnia are in our world

  16. 16 My Kitty can play basketball

  17. 17 This ship looked like it was floating on a cloud today.

  18. 18 Hanley Ramirez at Spring Training

  19. 19 Apple Strips,Peach & Yogurt

  20. 20 That mustache placement

  21. 21 This picture hurts my brain

  22. 22 This meteor

  23. 23 My boy climbing an old rotten tree stump looks like a giant climbing mountains.

  24. 24 Taking touristic photos that matter

  25. 25 Caffeinated Glory to the Hypnotoad

  26. 26 My friend took a picture of a "levitating" rock pile.

  27. 27 I took a picture of a monkey and the glare made it look like it was taking a wicked selfie

  28. 28 I'm so happy to be a stick!

  29. 29 This building looks like it’s just a facade

  30. 30 Perspective: This guy in my class looks like he has girl legs.

  31. 31 This old house in Paris looks like an illustration in a Lewis Carol book.

  32. 32 Found this bike the other day and it confused me about our reality. Is it broken or not broken?


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