30 Dazzling Examples of Marketing Deception


If there was no regulation, who knows what the marketers would do for the sake of selling their products. Even in the face of all the consumer protection laws, we still see so many examples of deceptive marketing. They’ll show you a jumbo size burger full of beef and cheese in their ads to lure you in, but the burger you receive once you order will almost always be quite different from what you saw in the ads. 


It has happened to all of us. Listed in this post are 30 hilarious examples of deceptive marketing, scroll on and enjoy peeps:

  1. 1 The cake is a lie! But we're gonna eat it anyway

  2. 2 I was misled!

  3. 3 Those must be different balloons on the pack

  4. 4 Cranberry chocolate


  5. 5 Looks exactly like the packet

  6. 6 Never expect to get the same thing as printed on the wrapper

  7. 7 Pretty close....

  8. 8 Wrong caption

  9. 9 The turkey ran away

  10. 10 The packaging will always let you down

  11. 11 Cause customers will read the text instead of looking at the image

  12. 12 This instrument sounds really good

  13. 13 I guess, I am not eating Salsa

  14. 14 Another reminder on never to trust the packaging

  15. 15 Definitely those are not strawberries!

  16. 16 Calcium Hershey's Syrup contains 0% of calcium

  17. 17 Best impersonating

  18. 18 But it looks Small and Cold

  19. 19 This restaurant is playing with peoples feelings

  20. 20 Looks exactly like the box

  21. 21 Chocolate Chips were only on the outside so it appeared the entire sandwich would be full of them.

  22. 22 Great offer!

  23. 23 A pack of cats with packaging of dinosaurs

  24. 24 Seems like everything is natural

  25. 25 One is enough, right?

  26. 26 Font size does matter!

  27. 27 Natural Looking "Artificial" tree

  28. 28 Intelligent online marketing

  29. 29 They meant that for the American flag

  30. 30 Easily fooling the customers

  31. 31 That's not a 7 day week!


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