45 Daring and Eccentric People Who Tried Fashion and Went Too Far


Fashion is something that manifests everyone’s personality differently. In fashion, some people prefer decent colors with modest attire while others like to try bold neon colors and eccentric clothing. The latter category of people likes to look different from the rest of the world. They create their own fashion statements and follow their own set of rules when it comes to dressing up. The sense of fashion in these people are usually significantly flawed that ultimately results in extreme fashion fails.


Listed up in this post are 45 photos of such daring and eccentric people who tried fashion and went too far. Scroll on and enjoy peeps!

  1. 1 There's no negative effect applied to this photo

  2. 2 The grim reaper comes in different forms

  3. 3 The kitty looks nervous

  4. 4 When your boss asks you to wear a fancy tie


  5. 5 Fashion is beyond me sometimes

  6. 6 Guess the celebrity

  7. 7 I remember this character from Hell Boy

  8. 8 And the most creepy shoes award goes to

  9. 9 The good kinda fancy

  10. 10 What's the worst you could do with a barbie? This!!

  11. 11 Vegans be like

  12. 12 Who needs pants when you've got boots like those

  13. 13 Protecting her eyes from your bad vibes

  14. 14 You're a legend if you can pull this off

  15. 15 The most playable dress of all time

  16. 16 When your mustache outgrows you

  17. 17 Shine bright like a diamond

  18. 18 All eyes on you

  19. 19 Discovered a new place to wear panties

  20. 20 Had the pleasure of shedding my sight on her Highness

  21. 21 Am I in the barbie world?

  22. 22 When you're a gardener's wife

  23. 23 Do these qualify as "pants"?

  24. 24 When you don't feeling like wearing pants, just put these boots on

  25. 25 I would like to kill the designer that started this

  26. 26 Complimenting the royal blood

  27. 27 Use these for added elevation

  28. 28 Upsize that BigMac again

  29. 29 Only if she could see what a joke the designer made outta her

  30. 30 A$AP Rocky wears Balenciaga's new inflatable jacket

  31. 31 When its a long tie competition at work

  32. 32 Nice top mi lady

  33. 33 That butterfly is begging for some squats

  34. 34 left home in a hurry

  35. 35 Didn't know the low jeans trend was still on

  36. 36 Jeans cum skirt

  37. 37 They've got clothes for all kinds of species

  38. 38 How to repel women 101

  39. 39 When you tell her she can be anything and she becomes a children's pool

  40. 40 Twinning y'all

  41. 41 She won't drown with that support

  42. 42 This monstrosity

  43. 43 A very practical 2-in-1

  44. 44 A jumper out of old Adidas and Nike Socks

  45. 45 Boots straight outta hell


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