30 Coolest and Most Charming Babies


Babies are simply adorable. One glance at them is enough to explain why they’re called “a bundle of joy”. Of course that’s only until they start crying. They’ll make you run for help once they start to poop and yell. Nevertheless the world is so much better because of babies. They’re a representation of all that is good and pure in the world. Their smile can literally light up the whole world, and that alone makes it worth all the trouble they bring along. 


Listed in this post are 30 pictures of coolest and most adorable babies:

  1. 1 Matty is my name, staying cool is my game

  2. 2 When you are the coolest kid in the hood

  3. 3 When you a techy since your childhood

  4. 4 When someone tell your mom, that their child is very naughty


  5. 5 When you realize your pamper stinks

  6. 6 When you see something for the first time

  7. 7 Tell me more!

  8. 8 When you can handle anyone's bullshit anymore

  9. 9 Whats up, elders?

  10. 10 Seeing someone who doesn't like kids

  11. 11 When life is too cool for you

  12. 12 Monday mornings be like

  13. 13 The winking girl!

  14. 14 When someone is really annoying

  15. 15 When your dad wont stop snorting

  16. 16 When mom forgets to give you food

  17. 17 Close your eyes & come closer...

  18. 18 Mr steal your girl

  19. 19 When you are the one who got his brother in trouble

  20. 20 How you doin?

  21. 21 No matter how cool you are, you can never be this cool

  22. 22 When some one says you are the good boy

  23. 23 When everyone forgets to give you attention

  24. 24 Seeing your bright future

  25. 25 Tired after annoying someone

  26. 26 The cool and classy one

  27. 27 When you are not sure if you are in safe hands

  28. 28 You looking at me?

  29. 29 When you plan something really evil

  30. 30 While dreaming about your crush


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