30 Cool Things Whose Designers are Wildly Genius


When we hear the word “inventor or a genius,” we automatically think of people like Thomas Edison or the Wright Brothers. However, this post will make you think otherwise because there are some of the coolest designers out there in our world who didn’t invent any planes or light bulbs but they created things that make you shout out loud, “It’s Friggin’ Genius!”


From the cloud of “cotton candy,” to cat carrying bag pack, listed below are 30 photos of incredibly cool things that are made by some wildly genius designers. These people surely deserve a big round of applause because we know these seemingly simple ideas must’ve taken a lot of creativity and technological prowess. So, check them out yourself and scroll on peeps!

  1. 1 This coffee is served with a cloud of "cotton candy", the coffee vapor rises to dissolve the "cotton candy" and the cloud begins to rain with sugar over the coffee. Coffee "mellow" in Shanghai, China.

  2. 2 Cat car seat covers

  3. 3 Because music is necessary in the shower

  4. 4 A place to freshen up for Stuart Little


  5. 5 What a genius idea

  6. 6 Imaging eating fish and chips here

  7. 7 Hands-free products are always helpful

  8. 8 A solar bench where you can charge your phones.

  9. 9 A creative way to store your toilet rolls!

  10. 10 Avoid pollutants like this

  11. 11 A backpack that you can wear if you want to bring your cat out

  12. 12 Interior designing done right

  13. 13 Because the arm always interrupts cuddling

  14. 14 Who wouldn't want that fire space?

  15. 15 This idea can help avoid a lot of accidents

  16. 16 The best accessory to have in the office

  17. 17 Every music lover would love this

  18. 18 The King of pool day

  19. 19 Summer accessory number 1

  20. 20 Fashion has come too far

  21. 21 What are you going to do...? With all the time you won’t waste Clasping your bracelets anymore? Think carefully, because you are going to gain back a lot of time. Brushing my teeth now takes longer than attaching bracelets... that’s amazing!!!

  22. 22 Mini Selfie Ringlight!! It will make your photos brighter and fill them with light in the darkness.

  23. 23 This refrigerator has revolving levels so you can reach everything easily!!

  24. 24 Street murals that come to life when it rains

  25. 25 Genie's making it more saucy

  26. 26 Part rug, part table, This Coffee Table' is a lesson in functional design.⁣

  27. 27 The *best* thing for a broken arm.

  28. 28 When you're good with picking furniture

  29. 29 Heels or no heels, it's up to you


  30. 30 Miss mommy? There you go!


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