30 Comics That Perfectly Reflect the Real-Life Problems of a Young Woman


To all the women out there, know that you are beautiful in your own skin. Your uniqueness makes you all the more attractive. Yeah! We get your struggles, being a modern woman isn’t always easy. But, you are certainly not alone! While women have different personalities and qualities, there are some things they can all relate to.

Ariane is a 24-year-old artist from Paris, France, and she’s the one behind the hilarious comics of ari_stocrate. Her sense of humor won over thousands of people on Instagram. She puts her heart and soul into her work and produces hilarious comics on various female problems that are highly relatable to all the ladies out there. From period cramps to the joys and travails of living with a cat, we bet you’ll agree on every one of her comics with some extra peals of laughter.


Scroll on the list of our favorite comics from her collection and enjoy peeps! Don’t forget to share this post with all the women on your list!

More info: Instagram | Facebook | webtoons.com | patreon.com

  1. 1 Blood doesn't scare me. Not at all!

  2. 2 Yay summer...!!

  3. 3 And in winter they get electric! A pleasure at every season!

  4. 4 I’m usually not insecure but there are off days


  5. 5 The crisis between opinions and genders

  6. 6 I get into the weirdest position for just the slightest sense of relief.

  7. 7 Life expectancy of my tights : 24 hours.

  8. 8 When she keeps looking at the food in your plate

  9. 9 The one trip rule

  10. 10 At times, women are the most indecisive creatures on the planet

  11. 11 Me after finishing the Draconis Memoria series

  12. 12 Jasper drinks when he wants

  13. 13 Jasper is a combo of all the pets you've ever wanted

  14. 14 When you try to motivate them and it backfires

  15. 15 My dad ladies and gentlemen

  16. 16 True story, grandma's are the best tho!!

  17. 17 He wins... Every Time...!!

  18. 18 Can I get a pizza tattoo?

  19. 19 The main reason I hate winter

  20. 20 Going totally against the plan

  21. 21 You don't look 25 though

  22. 22 100 allergies later

  23. 23 Who needs to go to a spa for facial treatment when you have hot towels

  24. 24 You know that one girl that always lets out the craziest high pitched scream at concerts? It’s me.

  25. 25 30 seconds really make a difference. Or did I lost track of time and was gone for 15mn!!?

  26. 26 Germs are Real!!

  27. 27 Not able to find the sleeve since my childhood

  28. 28 And the conversation begins

  29. 29 Go easy on the chords

  30. 30 Daddy's girl is doing scary things now


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