30 Clever Yet Funny Bar Signs That Will Entice You To Step In and Grab a Drink


They say, “When it comes to advertising, it can make or break you.” Well, folks! It’s absolutely true and that’s why it’s so important for bar owners to be creative in order to catch the attention of their latent customers.


If you have a good sense of humor, you can crack jokes and puns to keep others interested. In this post, we’re hitting up 30 clever yet funny bar signs with the spotlight. These street pubs and bar signs are so creative that they will surely entice every customer to step in and grab a drink. Scroll on peeps and enjoy!

  1. 1 I'm using it from now on

  2. 2 And then they say women don't get perks

  3. 3 Why drink water when you can drink beer?

  4. 4 Alcohol always comes to the rescue


  5. 5 They hypnotized me into it

  6. 6 The ingredients that make a perfect bar

  7. 7 Having the time of my life

  8. 8 Forget your real life

  9. 9 Stone cold!

  10. 10 The amount of shits given can be reduced easily

  11. 11 Just have to have a glass

  12. 12 It's a beer kind of day

  13. 13 I need the location of this place

  14. 14 Really cheap helping rates

  15. 15 Need some drunk ones now

  16. 16 Doesn't rhyme but it says beer so I'll take it

  17. 17 Description of the best spent time

  18. 18 Whiskey is soup. No?

  19. 19 It doesn't make sense because the writer was drunk

  20. 20 Sounds like a reasonable offer

  21. 21 English humor is a plus

  22. 22 Leave your husband with us

  23. 23 Try the new app

  24. 24 Fair offer

  25. 25 You can win a free LSD bottle of beer

  26. 26 Get flirted with for a little tip

  27. 27 We have all the solutions

  28. 28 Bring your own women fellas

  29. 29 Ear and stay safe

  30. 30 I saw this sign last night ...

  31. 31 There's a support group for that


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