40 Clever and Cool Inventions That Will Make Parents Life A Whole Lot Easier


Nobody ever said that being the best parent ever is easy. From trying to get the dear child to sleep and eat properly, to the tantrums, issues with school and not to mention a vast amount of parenting tips from everyone around you with juggling extra-curricular activities, there are bound to be times when you wish you can just run away from it all! But, guess what, folks! There are some parents who have the highly functional cerebral system and thanks to them, parent’s still have got hope because of their nearly perfect inventions. So, be a parent with the high-tech inventions and let in a little relief that you longed for from the day your child was born *wink*.


As technology grows and people throw around creative ideas, we see amazing inventions to make parenting easier every day. Listed up in this post are 40 photos of clever and cool inventions that will make parents’ life a whole lot easier. Scroll on to see them yourself and enjoy peeps!

  1. 1 Perfect to watch TV while the baby sleeps

  2. 2 One for the winters

  3. 3 And that's how you save water

  4. 4 No more "the baby fell off" alerts anymore


  5. 5 A little help in the hygiene

  6. 6 Multi-purpose goodie bag

  7. 7 It's gonna help you both pre-pregnancy and post-pregnancy

  8. 8 Take your baby out for the views

  9. 9 All your baby's bathing accessories in one place

  10. 10 Portable pram will fit in your handbag

  11. 11 Feeding your 6 months old baby was never easier

  12. 12 Mojo Jojo is ready for a shower

  13. 13 New creative ideas with every wash

  14. 14 A plate where the baby learns while eating

  15. 15 Nothing falls out of this plate

  16. 16 This waterproof cushioned baby holder

  17. 17 Perfect back workout for the dads

  18. 18 An exclusive space for the baby

  19. 19 One item, Four purposes

  20. 20 Sleeping Mode: ON

  21. 21 Treat your baby however he wants to be treated

  22. 22 Grandpa's chair never had more space

  23. 23 When you forget you were hungry

  24. 24 Just like the old times

  25. 25 Let's mix it up and make it easy for kids to drink

  26. 26 Your little angel won't be making a mess on the floor anymore

  27. 27 That's how you eat a sandwich and not mess it up

  28. 28 Door Jammer

  29. 29 No more Lego screams in the middle of the night

  30. 30 Let the baby guide you

  31. 31 Dancing on the tippy toes

  32. 32 Cool winter hats to keep your kid warm and happy this winter!!

  33. 33 Bryan Ku came up with the idea to create soft war stuff to please real pillow fight lovers.

  34. 34 Inchworm shoes grow with your child's feet.

  35. 35 Wooden Time-Out Stool

  36. 36 Lesson #1: Always cleanup after you're done playing

  37. 37 And finally, the pee shield for the potty training parent.

  38. 38 Baby knows the taste of plastic

  39. 39 Head bobbles can damage a baby's spine

  40. 40 The baby looks satisfied with the invention


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