35 Celebs Who Drastically Changed Their Bodies for a Role in the Movie


At some point in your life, you may have dreamt of becoming a famous Hollywood actor. But know this, folks! The acting world is tough, cutthroat and ruthless and 92% of those in the profession are out of work. You may think that for millions of dollars and a lifetime of fame, surely you can memorize some lines and convincingly pretend to be something you’re not. However, it’s a job that takes incredible amounts of skill and dedication. And that’s why among many unforgettable performances in cinema history, there are some celebrities who achieved a certain milestone of appreciation because they put forth a huge effort to change their appearance, like excruciating muscle gain regime, starving for weeks to lose weight or sacrificed their figure for extreme weight gain. In an attempt to portray their character right, these celebrities often do a lot of hard work.

In this post, we have listed 35 celebs who drastically changed their bodies for a role in the movie. Scroll on and see for yourself peeps!

  1. 1 George Clooney For "Syriana"

  2. 2 Zac Efron For "Baywatch"

  3. 3 Ryan Reynolds For "Blade: Trinity"

  4. 4 Anne HathawaChristian Bale For "American Hustley, Les Miserables"


  5. 5 Emma Stone For "Battle Of The Sexes"

  6. 6 Chris Evans For "Captain America"

  7. 7 Ryan Gosling For "The Lovely Bones"

  8. 8 Chadwick Boseman For "Black Panther"

  9. 9 Paul Rudd For "Ant-Man"

  10. 10 Jeremy Renner For "Hawkeye"

  11. 11 Chris Hemsworth For "Thor"

  12. 12 Chris Pratt FOR "Guardians of Galaxy"

  13. 13 Chris Hemsworth For "In The Heart Of The Sea"

  14. 14 Robert Downey For "Jr., Iron-Man"

  15. 15 Vincent D'Onofrio For "Full Metal Jacket"

  16. 16 Michael Fassbender For "Hunger"

  17. 17 Christian Bale For "American Hustle"

  18. 18 Daniel Radcliffe For "Jungle"

  19. 19 Mark Ruffalo For "Hulk"

  20. 20 Emile Hirsch For "Into The Wild"

  21. 21 Jake Gyllenhaal For "Nightcrawler"

  22. 22 Renee Zellweger For "Bridget Jones: Edge Of Reason"

  23. 23 Matthew Fox For "Alex Cross"

  24. 24 Kit Harington For "Pompeii"

  25. 25 Colin Farrell For "The Lobster"

  26. 26 Taylor Lautner For "Twilight: New Moon"

  27. 27 Hillary Swank For "Million Dollar Baby"

  28. 28 Matt Damon For "Courage Under Fire"

  29. 29 Will Smith For "Ali"

  30. 30 Ewan Mcgregor For "Fargo"

  31. 31 Christian Bale For "The Machinist"

  32. 32 Jake Gyllenhaal For "Southpaw"

  33. 33 Jonah Hill For "Maniac"

  34. 34 Natalie Portman For "Black Swan"

  35. 35 Jared Leto For "Dallas Buyers Club"


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