30 Celebrities Who Truly Surprised Us With Their Halloween Costumes This Year


Whew, what a wild Halloween ride it was on 31st October especially for all our favorite celebrities out there! Don’t you agree? And let’s not forget to mention the star-studded Halloween parties and their stunning transformations into the likes of figures from the past with their trendiest costumes. This year celebs used the time warp to their advantage, dressing up as elaborate, referential costumes, and watching the “likes” pour in. Our social media has been swarmed with their stunning photos. And we bet, you’ll fall in love with the many #throwback costumes our celebs rocked in the category. You might get a little nostalgic when you check out the ’90s-inspired costumes.


Keep scrolling for the best celebrity Halloween costumes of 2019. They truly surprised us with their Halloween Costumes this year! Enjoy peeps! Who knows, you may find a major costume inspiration if you’re still looking for one yourself!

  1. 1 Jessica Biel As Justin Timberlake And Justin Timberlake As Microphone

  2. 2 Heidi Klum As Alien

  3. 3 Ariana Grande As Nurse From “Eye Of The Beholder”

  4. 4 Kevin Hart As Dwayne Johnson


  5. 5 Lebron James As Edward Scissorhands

  6. 6 Ashley Graham As Jessica Rabbit

  7. 7 Drake As His Father

  8. 8 Michelle Visage And Giovanni Perniceas As Morticia And Gomez

  9. 9 Bradley Cooper and his daughter as Old Lady

  10. 10 Patrick Starrr As Shrek

  11. 11 Demi Lovato As “It”

  12. 12 Gigi Gorgeous And Nats Getty Gorgeous As Jack Skellington And Sally

  13. 13 Chrissy Metz As Beetlejuice

  14. 14 Elvis Duran As Wonder Woman

  15. 15 Kylie Jenner As Ariel

  16. 16 Lily Aldridge As Lydia From Beetlejuice

  17. 17 Rebecca Romijn And Jerry O’Connell As Fire And Rain

  18. 18 Abby Champion And Patrick Schwarzenegger As A Fembot And Austin Powers

  19. 19 Cindy Crawford

  20. 20 Nina Dobrev As Billie Eilish

  21. 21 Jay-Z And Lil Nas X As Vincent Vega

  22. 22 Kelly Osbourne A Clown

  23. 23 Paul Rudd dressed up as Weird Al and his daughter as the Wasp

  24. 24 Jason Momoa As Elvis Presley

  25. 25 Kim Kardashian West As Elle Woods From Legally Blond

  26. 26 Kim Kardashian and her daughter characters from bug life!!

  27. 27 Halsey As Marilyn Manson

  28. 28 Tallulah Willis As Leeloo From “The Fifth Element”

  29. 29

  30. 30 Lisa Rinna As Jennifer Lopez


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