30 Brutally Honest and Funny Valentines Day Notes and Cards By Kids


Kids will be kids.

They are pure, they are innocent, and they are downright hilarious. If you’ve kids in your house then you’ll be accustomed to receiving Valentine’s Day cards that are no doubt cute, but they’re also extremely hilarious featuring a heavy dose of brutal honesty. This post is about all such Valentine’s day cards.


Listed up in this post are hilarious Valentine’s day cards given by children to their teachers, siblings, friends and parents.

Scroll on and enjoy peeps.

  1. 1 My mom is a teacher and today she Confiscated this Love note from a student of 6th grade

  2. 2 My seven year old sister wrote that

  3. 3 My 6 year old son trying to scare me

  4. 4 Power Of A Single Word


  5. 5 candid Love Note

  6. 6 My son's First Love Note

  7. 7 I love mom better than you : (Dad)

  8. 8 Happy Valentines Day To Mom

  9. 9 Yeah for the shit love ..... LOL

  10. 10 A very sweet love note

  11. 11 funny tiny grandma

  12. 12 My daughter wrote this for me

  13. 13 My Boyfriend's 7 Year Old Sister Got A Love Note From A Boy In Her Class

  14. 14 Blunt Note

  15. 15 To mommy and daddy

  16. 16 Brutally honest note by a kid

  17. 17 Kids Are Brutally Honest

  18. 18 Now i know what he wants in dinner today ...

  19. 19 Today in chemistry class everyone was asked to make a Valentine's card and this what my son made

  20. 20 Funny Valentine’s Day Poem By Kid

  21. 21 My colleague Intercepted This Note From One Of Her Students

  22. 22 My Sister Teaches The 5th Grade. This Is What One Of Her Students Gave Her on valentine's day

  23. 23 My daughter made this for my wife

  24. 24 I gave this to my friend when I was 8 year old

  25. 25 They should be thankful .....

  26. 26 Brutal honest note to a soldier

  27. 27 Saw this while teaching

  28. 28 Well at least she made here preferences right

  29. 29 Thank You once Again Mom

  30. 30 Kids don't lie

  31. 31 A kid's Definition Of Love


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