30 Brilliantly Forced Perspective Photo Ideas


If you’re good at photography, you can easily manipulate a picture to show a lot more than reality itself. Forced perspective photography is based on this principle. Under this genre of photography, a photo is taken in such a manner that it appears to be different from reality. It may be smaller or larger, closer or farther away or it may be manipulated in other ways.  You can create absolutely awesome photo illusions using this technique.


In this post we have compiled 30 awesome examples of forced photography to puzzle your mind, scroll on and enjoy:

  1. 1 All the minerals in there are have made it heavier

  2. 2 Goodnight sun...

  3. 3 You better stay down!

  4. 4 Come on in, its a fun place


  5. 5 Gotta light up my mind

  6. 6 She found love in a hopeless place

  7. 7 As fresh as nature

  8. 8 Someone's gotta lift the balls

  9. 9 Me after a single swimming session

  10. 10 Mom: What did I tell you about playing with your toys on the road?!

  11. 11 Check out for water in there mate

  12. 12 My talented girlfriend

  13. 13 Boop!

  14. 14 Gotta keep you safe honey

  15. 15 My children like clouds. Thought I'd store some.

  16. 16 When your neck gets tired and you decide to give it a little rest

  17. 17 Just a routine yoga session in the sun

  18. 18 Na mate. Can't go there.

  19. 19 Found the missing piece

  20. 20 Its soft. Get some more air in there.

  21. 21 You're tired. Don't worry, just hop in and I'll carry ya.

  22. 22 No take offs today

  23. 23 Got him this dress for his birthday

  24. 24 Directions to Jurassic Park please

  25. 25 You've guys have been bad. Punishment time!

  26. 26 When hunger strikes.

  27. 27 The strongest light there is.

  28. 28 Some things never grow old.

  29. 29 When the art is flawless

  30. 30 Would you please come out and make dinner for me?


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