40 Best Memes on the Internet Today


Everyone loves memes. They are one of the easiest forms of entertainment on the internet. They keep us connected to our family and friends.

Today we have got an interesting collection featuring the good, the bad, and even the dirty memes. If you’re a ‘Beauty and the beast’ fan then jump right down to the 9th photo, it’s simply hilarious.  If not, check out the free shipping pun in the 15th photo, it will definitely tickle your funny bone.


From savage jokes on a finicky boss to hilarious quips on getting drunk, we have loads of other funny and creative memes that will make you laugh out loud. Scroll on and enjoy peeps!

  1. 1 Sunday nights are the hardest

  2. 2 The happy times are back

  3. 3 Panic attack incoming

  4. 4 It has gone in vain


  5. 5 I eat and I sleep

  6. 6 He's calming himself down

  7. 7 Tame those little ones people

  8. 8 They've ruined a kid's life

  9. 9 Momm you need to knock first!

  10. 10 Look very busy and do nothing

  11. 11 More than an hour at times

  12. 12 Fall for it every time

  13. 13 Is it really that long?!

  14. 14 That's just me!!

  15. 15 Have you?!

  16. 16 I don't drink coffee in my coffee mug

  17. 17 They think it's a lake

  18. 18 Because you're incapable of it you deaf species

  19. 19 Yeah right. Keeping it candid...

  20. 20 She definitely doesn't miss him

  21. 21 You mean every day? EVERY DAY?!

  22. 22 who looks better?

  23. 23 We're all just following the trends they set

  24. 24 The best posing you'll ever do

  25. 25 A glass in my dictionary

  26. 26 Close enough

  27. 27 Stupid me!

  28. 28 Obesity can be handled

  29. 29 The sofa that will turn you on

  30. 30 Kanye and his mommy

  31. 31 I believe in myself now

  32. 32 That moment of realization

  33. 33 SOML

  34. 34 Rocky love

  35. 35 You can't be friends with her. It's against the nature

  36. 36 You can't be pretty and sick at the same time

  37. 37 Me vs Me

  38. 38 Ruined it all


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