44 Best Meanwhile in America Memes


Are you having a bad day? Does it seem like nothing’s going the right way? Well, don’t worry folks! We can make you feel better by showing you some hilarious meanwhile in America memes.

America is full of hilarious characters just as it hosts many brilliant minds. There are people in America just living something close to a joke. The “Meanwhile, in America” memes take the cliché phrasing from film, television or literature and then combine them with witty images of these people who’ve put their brains on hibernation and choose to function without them.


Scroll on to see our compiled list of 30 best meanwhile in America memes found on the internet and enjoy peeps!

  1. 1 We have to move!!

  2. 2 McDonalds is the official food of America

  3. 3 Where all the Lazy people live

  4. 4 Doesn't this count?


  5. 5 For your one plus

  6. 6 A dog must do exercise. Not necessary for humans though.

  7. 7 Can't escape the nugget meal in America

  8. 8 Because walking is too mainstream

  9. 9 A pizza doesn't necessarily have to be round

  10. 10 Beat that!!

  11. 11 For the love of smoked bacon

  12. 12 My kinda birthday cake

  13. 13 Where you don't need permission to shoot

  14. 14 Could sit here all day long

  15. 15 Let's get done with this quickly

  16. 16 Make food, not war

  17. 17 We've got a serious library situation over here

  18. 18 Mommy, I am suffocating

  19. 19 The first and last toy

  20. 20 Gardening the royal way

  21. 21 Bullets for breakfast

  22. 22 He's against obesity

  23. 23 Who needs a cup holder?

  24. 24 The summer is here

  25. 25 You don't be nice to people here

  26. 26 Someone went shopping today

  27. 27 If Thanos was human

  28. 28 When you're done with life

  29. 29 The American fashion sense is commendable

  30. 30 Air Force One

  31. 31 Free post workout chicken meals for everyone

  32. 32 I just wanna take a dip, please?

  33. 33 That's the health routine to go

  34. 34 Just another Detroit wedding

  35. 35 The American mini van

  36. 36 Are you "Exceptionally large"?

  37. 37 When you know you can't defeat Thanos

  38. 38 Too lazy

  39. 39 The Family COD tournament

  40. 40 With an upsized Spicy Milkshake please

  41. 41 Crippled yet classy

  42. 42 Promoting Obesity with Pride

  43. 43 She's in multiple places at the same time


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