38 Behind the Scene Photos of Professional Photoshoots


Ansel Adams said, “You don’t take a photograph, you make it.” Photographers are a bit like magicians. They create pictures that are perfect due to their creative imaginations.

The art of photography is more than just angles and equipment. It’s relatively easy to overlook the hard work that photographers put into taking their photos in order to ensure that their final shot is the very best it can be.


From planning and imagining to executing and editing, it takes a lot of mental and physical work to create beautiful and amazing photographs that we see daily on the internet.

To give you an enlightening glimpse of the reality that hides behind many perfect pictures, we have listed 38 BTS photos of professional photo-shoots. Scroll on peeps and admire these photographers for their efforts!

  1. 1 You gotta think out of the box

  2. 2 Not your regular sun kissed photo

  3. 3 Lighting matters most

  4. 4 Aesthetic in it's true definition


  5. 5 Get closer

  6. 6 She's lucky to have a boyfriend so talented

  7. 7 Flower with a flower

  8. 8 Light up your dreams

  9. 9 A game of shadows

  10. 10 Spreading all the good vibes

  11. 11 The effort every creative photographer puts in

  12. 12 Blow..

  13. 13 The stuff of your dreams

  14. 14 Mouth watering photography

  15. 15 Raw photography

  16. 16 Make it rain

  17. 17 Technology needs a brain worthy of using it

  18. 18 Capturing moments like these means no room for mistakes

  19. 19 An eye on every movement

  20. 20 Creativity at it's peak

  21. 21 Runaway photograph

  22. 22 Make it smokey

  23. 23 The perfect road trip memory

  24. 24 This unreal scene was created inside a room

  25. 25 Imitating the Northern Lights

  26. 26 Watering the flowers in his own unique way

  27. 27 You totally bought this one, right?

  28. 28 Full marks for color grading

  29. 29 Eyes on the prize

  30. 30 This is why wedding photographers get paid so well

  31. 31 A little help from Photoshop and the masterpiece is complete

  32. 32 The big escape plan

  33. 33 The bill will definitely pay for his new shirt

  34. 34 Infant photo shoots are the new thing

  35. 35 Cast a spell on me

  36. 36 That fake beach day photograph

  37. 37 Perfect shots like these can be created anywhere. You just need the eye for it.

  38. 38 Perfectly Christian shadow


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