40 Before-and-After Pictures From the Wildest Photoshop Battles on the Internet and it Will Make Your Day


The internet is a wonderful place which is loaded with all sorts of hilarious stuff. If you know where to go, you’re never going to get bored online. Recently, a picture of an unusual rock formation ignited a hilarious Photoshop battle on Reddit. A bunch of Photoshop wizards took upon themselves a challenge of creating some of the funniest images with their magical editing skills.

Listed in this post are 40 before and after photos from the Wildest Photoshop battles on the Internet. These photos will definitely make your day.


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h/t: boredpanda

  1. 1 Don't judge too quickly fellas

  2. 2 Scary then, even more scarier now

  3. 3 The harsh reality

  4. 4 Look at them curls boy


  5. 5 Waterfall? Think again

  6. 6 Welcome to owl city

  7. 7 Run for you lives

  8. 8 He has the best weapon of them all

  9. 9 Lonely carrot needs your support

  10. 10 I came from Asgard to help you guys

  11. 11 Her name's Rose

  12. 12 Knock out moment

  13. 13 Poor inmate can't take no more

  14. 14 Every time I see food that's the face I make

  15. 15 Just a pile of fake news

  16. 16 Do colors make you happy?

  17. 17 When the fight goes beyond 8 rounds

  18. 18 We are taking song requests now

  19. 19 Kill of the day

  20. 20 It's participating in the event

  21. 21 If Kim Kardashian was a dog

  22. 22 Face swaps don't always work in our favor

  23. 23 Welcome to the Mantis show

  24. 24 The shortest evil story

  25. 25 A few words of wisdom from the master

  26. 26 Who are you betting upon?

  27. 27 Your friendly neighborhood superhero

  28. 28 Let's put those paws to good use

  29. 29 Still more entertaining than his speech

  30. 30 Death Metal bands be like

  31. 31 Are you scared yet?

  32. 32 So gentleman, let the questioning begin

  33. 33 I told you he's evil

  34. 34 Aaron Paul seems confused by fashion

  35. 35 Busier than you think

  36. 36 Leonardo Dicaprio Hiding From Paparazzi

  37. 37 I came in like a wrecking ball

  38. 38 I think I'm going to get me one of those!

  39. 39 Just a couple of more years to go

  40. 40 Michelle joined in on the action


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