27 Awkwardly Funny Snapchats By People Who Had a Rough Night


Have you ever had a night when you literally couldn’t remember a thing next morning? If yes then give yourself a pat on the back because you’re not the only one who’ve had such a night, there are others who have had it worse. According to recent Unlimited Historical Data research, 11 AM on a Sunday is the most “hung over” time of the week. Surprisingly, most people send hilarious Snapchats to deal with their embarrassing situation.

Listed in this post are 27 awkwardly funny Snapchats sent by people who definitely had a rough night with a tinge of fun.


Scroll on peeps and enjoy!

  1. 1 He must not find out about this

  2. 2 Got a few extra shots at the club last night

  3. 3 This is master of all hangovers

  4. 4 Gotta hire a chiropractor now


  5. 5 Vomit incoming...

  6. 6 Me to my glass of wine

  7. 7 Should have stopped at "just a few drinks"

  8. 8 There's my princess sleeping in piece

  9. 9 When you're hungover on the toilet

  10. 10 Who the hell put me on the roof?

  11. 11 Early morning shenanigans

  12. 12 It's gone and not coming back anytime soon

  13. 13 What drinking does to you

  14. 14 Getting late for work though

  15. 15 Even Snapchat filters don't work

  16. 16 Who is she?!

  17. 17 I ate rest of the chips

  18. 18 Get her water somebody!!

  19. 19 When you wanna puke already but you smell chicken nuggets

  20. 20 About to take the walk of shame

  21. 21 I dislike grunting men...

  22. 22 This is as far she could go when she entered the house last night

  23. 23 Somebody call 911

  24. 24 Get to the police station asap

  25. 25 Our friend who went clubbing last night

  26. 26 Last night was a nightmare

  27. 27 Woody had a rough night at my dad's office


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