32 Awkward Family Photos That Require A lot of Explaining


Whether it’s a backyard barbecue, Christmas evenings, summer vacations or an annual holiday get-together, when someone finds themselves locked in a room with their parents, their siblings, their aunts, uncles, grandparents, and cousins, it’s only a matter of time to have some awkward family photos, right eh? We think everyone has got some embarrassing family photos that they’d want to forget. But heck! What good is your life if you do not get a little crazy with your family, huh? So, smile for the camera is must when it comes to long-lasting family gatherings!


In this post, we’ve listed up some of the worst and most awkward family photos ever seen online that requires a lot of explanation. But, we bet you’ll be seriously laughing out loud at the end of this list. Scroll on and enjoy peeps!

  1. 1 Healthy Family Photo

  2. 2 This kid is going to be a trolling legend one day

  3. 3 That kid is seeing things way beyond his age

  4. 4 This dad got his family's portraits tattooed at his back


  5. 5 Can't wait for her water to break

  6. 6 Daddy doesn't know about what's coming at him

  7. 7 What's for dinner mom?

  8. 8 When you and your wife both are deluded

  9. 9 Light it up fellas

  10. 10 One symbol for the whole family

  11. 11 Is this a Denim ad?

  12. 12 When your family loves wildlife too much

  13. 13 One way to make the kids awkward

  14. 14 The real father finally came back

  15. 15 Every expression tells a story

  16. 16 When you're born into a death metal family and know you're screwed for life

  17. 17 Are these parents or zoo keepers?

  18. 18 One happy family

  19. 19 Is is just me or this really is kinda scary?

  20. 20 Groot with his daughters

  21. 21 When you hate your big brother a lot

  22. 22 Born into a family of Dentists

  23. 23 When your wife loves the sloth more than you

  24. 24 Our son can fly

  25. 25 Potato Heads

  26. 26 A family full of Denim lovers

  27. 27 Beauty and the beast

  28. 28 Not a big family they surely know how to party

  29. 29 Why didn't daddy come?

  30. 30 When your parents are trying to get you a new sibling this Christmas

  31. 31 Family members only


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