35 Astounding Photos That Shows the Strength of Genes


Genes are the basic physical and functional unit of heredity. They are made up of DNA and most children share 50% of their DNA with each parent. So, the genetic correlation can be estimated from resemblance among the parents and a child. Most of it is the chance of mixing the paternal and maternal genes in different proportions. In fact, sometimes the resemblance is so definite that the child looks like an identical twin with one of the parent.


Understanding the strength of genes doesn’t always require that you have to do a Ph.D. in biology or read all the extensive scientific knowledge.  Don’t worry, folks! We’ll help you see their power in another way. Once you take a look at the curated selection of photos below, the concept will all become quite clear. We bet these photos will shock you like no other because it’s hard to believe some of these similarities. Scroll on peeps and enjoy!

  1. 1 Carbon copy of mommy!

  2. 2 Father And Son

  3. 3 A Mother and A Daughter

  4. 4 Father And Son


  5. 5 Do I look like my mom or what!?

  6. 6 Mother And Daughter, Each Holding Their Own Baby

  7. 7 This mother and son have the same face.

  8. 8 Reese Witherspoon poses with daughter and mother

  9. 9 Grandmother and Granddaughter

  10. 10 my mom (Riga, 1990) / me (St Petersburg, 2018)

  11. 11 Sisters? More like twins...

  12. 12 Father And Son

  13. 13 My mom and my niece at their respective proms 70 years apart

  14. 14 Father And Daughter

  15. 15 Grandmother And Granddaughter

  16. 16 Father And Son

  17. 17 Mother And Daughter

  18. 18 Father And Daughter

  19. 19 Father And Son

  20. 20 Father And Son

  21. 21 Being cool is a sign of kinship

  22. 22 My firstborn in 2015 (left) and my second child in 2019 (right)

  23. 23 My mom at 17 vs me at 25

  24. 24 My Mother And I, Both Age 25

  25. 25 Myself On The Left And My 13-year-old Daughter, Madison, On The Right

  26. 26 Me And My Son- 1988 And 2015

  27. 27 Me And My Daughter At 19

  28. 28 Mom On Left And Me On Right. Same Age At 13

  29. 29 Mother and Daughter

  30. 30 A branded family smile

  31. 31 My Son And I

  32. 32 Mother And Daughter

  33. 33 Mother And Daughter

  34. 34 Mother And Daughter

  35. 35 Lara (Lari or Lars), the power of genetics in brother and sister from Zimbabwe/South Africa.


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