31 Animals Who Surely Don’t Like Girls


Our domesticated animals have a knack for picking up a trick or two from us. They are often quite smarter than we might think. These four-legged friends are capable of experiencing the same range of emotions as we can. The brains of various mammals are surprisingly similar to the human brain. And hence, some gangsta animals strongly undergo hate emotions towards girls and gets into hilarious shenanigans.

Well, folks! We are not discriminating, listed below 31 photos of animals are a proof that some of these adorable creatures surely don’t like girls that much.


Scroll on peeps and enjoy!

  1. 1 They've been planning this attack for long now

  2. 2 Give me that ponytail

  3. 3 They say you're yummy

  4. 4 They didn't feed me today


  5. 5 Boxing championship going on

  6. 6 Meet my boyfriend people

  7. 7 That one clingy friend we all have

  8. 8 Not so fast woman!!

  9. 9 When you don't know birds can bite

  10. 10 It just wants to whisper something in her ear

  11. 11 This must have a crazy backstory

  12. 12 Tickles way too much

  13. 13 Not all pets are fun to play with

  14. 14 You want a midnight boxing match?

  15. 15 When your best friend ditches you at the last moment

  16. 16 Looks like she's allergic to pork

  17. 17 Why is my kitty so over friendly?

  18. 18 Not the scarf doggo. I'll get you another piece of clothing.

  19. 19 Living life on the edge

  20. 20 This is how elephants say hello

  21. 21 What does this remind you of?

  22. 22 Family photo

  23. 23 When you're single so your dog want to kiss you and make things right

  24. 24 He's a fan of Bruce Lee

  25. 25 Can't run from what's coming to get you

  26. 26 Don't do it! Don't do it!!

  27. 27 What do you see?

  28. 28 It's been following me for a while now

  29. 29 They always take a share from your meals

  30. 30 Teacher vs Students

  31. 31 Not so cute now eh?


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