30 Animal Rebels Who Do Not Give a Damn About Human Rules


It is said that rules are made to be broken, Human beings especially teenagers love to do it. Some of the adults also love to break rules. There’s a strange sense of satisfaction in rebelling against rules. Even animals aren’t immune to it!

If humans can do it why can’t animals rebel? They’ll break the rules too, and they’ll proudly pose for a photo to boast their rebellion. It’s both cute and funny.


So scroll down peeps and enjoy these 30 gangsta animals who pay no heed to “stupid rules of human beings”.

  1. 1 Summer chilling against your man-made rules

  2. 2 Give it to them puggy!!

  3. 3 Kitty does what she wants

  4. 4 You may call your boss


  5. 5 Yes fishing!

  6. 6 You got a light mate?

  7. 7 Let's see how the hooman reacts to this

  8. 8 He's giving the perfect reply

  9. 9 We've got an unwanted guest. And he's not living in the guest room...

  10. 10 Check out my side pose

  11. 11 This little mutt knows what to do.

  12. 12 Say no to racism

  13. 13 The GOAT(Greatest of all time)

  14. 14 Making the beach a dog party zone

  15. 15 Say hi from my side if you call them

  16. 16 One pigeon army

  17. 17 That's a real looking stuffed cat

  18. 18 This is what revenge looks like

  19. 19 What are you gonna do?!

  20. 20 This one definitely backfired

  21. 21 I am afraid reading isn't one of its strong traits

  22. 22 Walking against all odds

  23. 23 LOL, yeah right!

  24. 24 At least it isn't swimming

  25. 25 Acknowledged

  26. 26 Correction: Ball games only

  27. 27 Beyond which point?

  28. 28 I am an independent citizen of the state

  29. 29 Leaving a present for you

  30. 30 Rebel without a cause


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