35 Amazingly Fun Food Art Ideas


Who said food has to be boring and dull? As a kid, you loved playing with your food right? And chances are you still do! Food fanatics always adore food art and presentation.  Food art can be a continuous series of optical illusions that has the potential of concealing delicious desserts under the guise that they’re poisonous objects or downright different dishes.


Bread, fruits, and vegetables create wonderful artworks on plates and offer gorgeous edible decorations for your dining table if you know your way around creativity.  Scroll on and take a closer look at some of his mind-blowing fun food art curated in the list below and enjoy peeps!

  1. 1 These olive eyes will drive you crazy

  2. 2 The hot bath all Asians love

  3. 3 The Conjuring 4

  4. 4 On the list of weird food ideas


  5. 5 Now I know why everyone's staring in my plate

  6. 6 Chewbacca Noodles

  7. 7 Mad Skull

  8. 8 Teddy's not cold anymore

  9. 9 Sher Khan says hello

  10. 10 It's a love story on my plate

  11. 11 Meatball mania

  12. 12 Put in some more cheese teeth

  13. 13 King of the jungle

  14. 14 Dumbo, apple version

  15. 15 The flight is on its way to my stomach

  16. 16 Sausages got caught in the trap

  17. 17 Brush em well

  18. 18 Sunflower sunny side up

  19. 19 My kinda happy breakfast

  20. 20 There's an owl staring at me

  21. 21 Tropical islands

  22. 22 A work of art done by the chef

  23. 23 The surface isn't smooth

  24. 24 Eat me already!!

  25. 25 Whatever this is called, pretty sure its female

  26. 26 See ya later alligator

  27. 27 They call me Chicken legs

  28. 28 Somebody help, she's bleeding

  29. 29 Up for grabs

  30. 30 Meaty egg sandwich

  31. 31 A display of creativity

  32. 32 Monday morning sandwich be like

  33. 33 All aces on deck

  34. 34 Perfect replica

  35. 35 The emo look is back


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