26 Amazing Sculptures That Challenges the Law of Gravity


Today’s post is about brilliant sculpture artists who really did a fantastic job.  All of us who are admirers of art would definitely want to visit these places and see these statues and sculptures live.  Gravity has always been there even before the discovery by Mr. Newton and it has always been quite difficult to defy it or work against it. Kudos to these artists who must have said that gravity may be strong but our art is stronger and conquered it in the end.


In these sculptures, the artists did not only use their imagination and creativity but they also made use of their technical expertise and mathematical understanding to ensure that the statues don’t succumb to gravity and fall. So once again thumbs up to these artists. Scroll down peeps and enjoy.

  1. 1 Cottesloe Beach Sculpture by the Sea

  2. 2 Gravity-defying Vauxhall sculpture

  3. 3 “Planet,” Singapore

  4. 4 “The Travelers,” France


  5. 5 Trans Ī Re By Fredrik Raddum

  6. 6 Stone Balancing By Adrian Gray

  7. 7 Mustangs By Robert Glen in USA

  8. 8 The Force of Nature

  9. 9 Skyhooks in England

  10. 10 Mike Ross's Big Rig Jig

  11. 11 Virgins of Apeldoorn in Germany

  12. 12 The Force Of Nature By Lorenzo Quinn

  13. 13 Floating Stone By Smaban Abbas

  14. 14 Gravity Defying Life Size Elephant Sculpture in France

  15. 15 Giulia Pastorella in Spain

  16. 16 Sculpture created from 80 year old wooden escalator by Australian artist Chris Fox

  17. 17 Human Figure by Emil Alzamora

  18. 18 Wursa By Daniel Firman

  19. 19 Jaguar E-Type Sculpture by Gerry Judah

  20. 20 Auto Union Streamliner and R8 sports car on tyre tracks

  21. 21 Stumbling Police Officer, Brussels, Belgium

  22. 22 Coffee Cup in USA

  23. 23 Storm King by Joe

  24. 24 “The Ultimate Moving,” France

  25. 25 “Porscheplatz,” Germany

  26. 26 “Gymnast,” UAE


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