42 Amazing Photos That Couldn’t be More Perfectly Timed


There are many tips and tricks to being a great photographer. One of them is learning to be in the right place at the right time. Timing is the difference between capturing a moment and capturing the “star moment.” All the photographers endeavor to seize that split-second magic when everything fits together to make a perfect image.


Let us demonstrate what we mean by showing you 42 amazing photos listed below that couldn’t be more perfectly timed. Scroll on peeps and enjoy! Share this post with the all your photographer friends on your list, they’ll surely love it!

  1. 1 An eye for an eye

  2. 2 Did you hear the "splash" sound too??

  3. 3 It's a manly sport after all

  4. 4 Caught under the fluid


  5. 5 Hell boy is here

  6. 6 He comes in like a snowball

  7. 7 Nature giving me wings

  8. 8 That is an act of theft

  9. 9 When you see your crush walk by

  10. 10 This tree grows clouds on it

  11. 11 A game of arms and legs

  12. 12 Beautiful sprinkle routine

  13. 13 When your shin has an "H" tattoo

  14. 14 Horsey decided to do the man-walk

  15. 15 The Super Puppy

  16. 16 Nice pants bro

  17. 17 Hollow man plays for them and he plays naked

  18. 18 This kid is going places

  19. 19 Knocked out

  20. 20 Hey, ball-head!!

  21. 21 That fishy booked the wrong flight

  22. 22 There's some veggies in there

  23. 23 My dog has a weird build

  24. 24 Those are knees you dirty head

  25. 25 Perfectly timed curls

  26. 26 Your eyes when you see legends play

  27. 27 Granny loved the parank

  28. 28 So that's how it works

  29. 29 Could you excuse me? I have to make a call

  30. 30 Stepping into class when you're late like

  31. 31 Out of the curtains now

  32. 32 When solid meets liquid

  33. 33 Come in and chill with Bob the cat

  34. 34 Where to eat?

  35. 35 The real Super Woman

  36. 36 Shut up Carl!

  37. 37 Swinging into the skies

  38. 38 Me after eating Korean food

  39. 39 Look back woman

  40. 40 When she argues too much

  41. 41 Nice Makeup

  42. 42 INCOMING!!


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