34 Funny and Adorable Animal Photos That Will Definitely Make You Smile


“Animals are such agreeable friends—they ask no questions; they pass no criticisms, they just make you smile.” –George Eliot

A smile might be one of the most contagious things on our planet, you wanna know why? It’s because when you see someone who is happy, it’s nearly impossible not to smile back even if that means warming up to the idea that animals can flash a wide grin at us too. Some scientific facts also support our idea that states animals may have a more complex range of emotions and that some of them may even have facial expressions similar to ours.


In this post, we’ve collected 34 adorable animal photos that will definitely make you smile. From frisky monkeys to a playful polar bear, these photos will keep you glued to the screen for quite a while, they’re hilarious and they’ll make you go awww. Share these photos with all the animal lovers on your list. Scroll on and enjoy peeps.

  1. 1 Just one step after the other.

  2. 2 Doing me a frighten.

  3. 3 We know Doggo.

  4. 4 Silly seal Gots jokes


  5. 5 Kitty Sanders.

  6. 6 I think the poor dog has had a little too much to drink.

  7. 7 Kim Corgdashain.

  8. 8 Just wear a hat.

  9. 9 Soda pup.

  10. 10 You don't want her to say it twice.

  11. 11 Had my first Revolutionary War reenactment yesterday and one of the horses was prepared for the camera.

  12. 12 Did someone order a cup of cuteness overload from Starbucks??

  13. 13 Poor old McDonald.

  14. 14 Someone seems to be having a great day.

  15. 15 Diver photobombed by a happy fish

  16. 16 Can't argue with that.


  18. 18 Turtle trying to play hide and seek.

  19. 19 Where is the dog?

  20. 20 When you lie to get out of work and can sleep the whole day.

  21. 21 That's what being a parent feels like.

  22. 22 Good bear trying to remind us to stop for buses.

  23. 23 Nooooo!!!

  24. 24 How I act when people try to give me advice.

  25. 25 It's almost nap time.

  26. 26 Even animals are doing it now.

  27. 27 Not this picnic thing again.

  28. 28 When you successfully lie your way out of trouble.

  29. 29 Huskies trying to Summon Satan

  30. 30 No one's messing with that kangaroo.


  31. 31 The face you make when you know you messed up.

  32. 32 I caught my dog doing yoga this morning.

  33. 33 Say cheese.

  34. 34 Two gorgeous lions in Maasai Mara, Kenya, cry out with glee.


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