30 Absurd Things You See Only in Vegas


Vegas is a crazy place. The city has been designed to keep you hooked to gambling, drinks and entertainment of all kinds. People do crazy things in Vegas; they become party animals. You get to see things in Vegas that you wouldn’t find anywhere else. And that’s what makes Vegas so awesome.

Listed in this post are hilarious photos of absurd things that you’ll find in Vegas. Don’t miss the 12th photo, that’s absolutely absurd.


Scroll on and enjoy peeps.

  1. 1 Las Vegas being Las Vegas...

  2. 2 A beer a day keeps the doctor away , maybe??

  3. 3 The Vegas production.

  4. 4 Never knew Cinderella would be hanging out in Vegas.


  5. 5 Daddy is a fan of Nayan cat.

  6. 6 Sleeping should be the first priority rest can be done later.

  7. 7 Even Alan turns on the player mode in Vegas!

  8. 8 Even Minnie passed out in Vegas!

  9. 9 There's a lot of breasts in Vegas...

  10. 10 Doing Mushrooms in Vegas

  11. 11 Just a normal day with a friend in Vegas.

  12. 12 Mercy, Mercy.

  13. 13 He is in real need of that 20 bucks!

  14. 14 When you go to Vegas, there are other important things then getting married

  15. 15 The Las Vegas princess.

  16. 16 Forget the Starbucks the new best coffee is in the town.

  17. 17 The Dark Knight Rises once again in Vegas!!

  18. 18 He surely knows how to get a girl for one night stand in Vegas.

  19. 19 Go to Vegas they said, It will be fun they said

  20. 20 That's how you dress up a casino table in Vegas.

  21. 21 Well there are important things to do than to get married.

  22. 22 Vegas is not the place to sleep!!

  23. 23 Las Vegas puke bins are famous worldwide.

  24. 24 That kind of bromance can only be seen in Vegas.

  25. 25 Feminist aura hitting Vegas atmosphere.

  26. 26 Even monkeys get to have fun in Vegas

  27. 27 This should stay in Vegas

  28. 28 Not sure if a villa or a Brothel.

  29. 29 That's how last day in Vegas looks like.

  30. 30 The real Chun-Li in Vegas.


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