32 Times Pets Hairstyles Went Hilariously Wrong


Those of us who are pet lovers always want that our pets look presentable. We play with them, we take them to walk and at times when life’s frustrations and tensions exert mental pressure on us then these pets are a great help to brighten our mood.

We like to take care of our pets, their diet and their wellbeing.  Some people regularly make sure that their pets are well bathed and combed. However in this post we present to you epic hilarious cases where pet keepers went too far, maybe they had this idea of new trends in pet fashion but unfortunately their notion that their pets will be trendsetters didn’t turn out the way they had planned. 


This post will make you laugh out loud people where 32 pet keepers cut the hair of their pets thinking they will look beautiful and it turned out to be a complete mess. So scroll down people and enjoy this hilarious post, especially check out the 14th picture where we have a dog whose keeper wanted it to be a lion:

  1. 1 The expression on his face says it all

  2. 2 Why would you do this to me hooman??

  3. 3 Kitty looks naked

  4. 4 The husky has been stripped off his pride


  5. 5 She could audition for the A team now

  6. 6 Destination Cairo

  7. 7 I turned my dog's face into a box

  8. 8 Here's the cutest picture you'll see today. You're welcome!

  9. 9 Now that you're done laughing, can we go for a walk?

  10. 10 Kitty got the camouflage mode on

  11. 11 My cat has had multiple horror movie offers after this haircut

  12. 12 Not the best spot to place all your love

  13. 13 I've never seen him so angry

  14. 14 It's all good as long as he doesn't himself in the mirror

  15. 15 This is the only expression she is capable of giving now

  16. 16 OMG that's a real dog

  17. 17 Her tail looks like a cat in itself

  18. 18 Meet my pup, Ruffison Monroe

  19. 19 The Avengers mascot

  20. 20 Johnny Depp who?!

  21. 21 What are you looking at?

  22. 22 I am glad she's color blind

  23. 23 This thing has been roaming around my house for the past 2 days

  24. 24 He was already unbearably cute and now he looks like cotton candy

  25. 25 He looks straight into your soul

  26. 26 Hello human. You will pay for this 🙂

  27. 27 O lord, save me from these hairstylists

  28. 28 Call me Ms. Pinky

  29. 29 How has my life turned...

  30. 30 I feel naked because of you

  31. 31 If surprised AF had a face

  32. 32 Can I still play fetch?!


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