30 Most Funny Housewives Quotes of All Time


Are you a housewife? “Oh… then you have it easy….you must have lots of free time.”  A common statement faced by many housewives out there. Being a housewife is the most underrated job especially in cities where the majorities are working women.

The picture most people paint in mind about housewives is that the work seems quite easy as it is supposed to entail no traveling, no hard work, no deadlines, no pressure, no boss, no politics involved and then there are those “labor saving” devices -the food processors, microwaves, automatic washing machines which makes people assume being a house wife is a piece of cake. But, don’t you worry ladies, we know being a housewife is a 24/7 job and we salute you for your efforts.


So, start you laugh meter and laugh off all the societal stigmas with our compiled collection of 30 most funny housewives quotes of all time. Have fun peeps!



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