32 Most Creative Ways To Kill Boredom


It is easy to complain when you’re bored and make a big fuss, but that’ll only frustrate you and everyone else around you. Why not be creative and make do with your surroundings to entertain yourself. Better people than you have done it. If you have paper, use it to create paper people. If you have empty cartons use them to build yourself an armour and become a knight. 


The opportunities are endless. Listed in this post are photos of 32 creative ways that people have adapted to entertain themselves. Scroll on and find inspiration to entertain yourself in the time of boredom:

  1. 1 Awesome beard

  2. 2 Some people like to play kung fu to kill boredom!

  3. 3 Sometimes i get bored at work.. found some dead flies

  4. 4 Zombie nugeti


  5. 5 She works at a high end hair salon, and sends me photos like this when she’s bored

  6. 6 So, my girlfriend got bored..

  7. 7 Best way to kill boredom!

  8. 8 Bored in class today...

  9. 9 What my sister does when she’s bored at work

  10. 10 He was bored.

  11. 11 Some robo-sauce fun on a slow day

  12. 12 Creatively worth to look at!


  13. 13 It’s been a slow day at work

  14. 14 Would This Be Cruel?

  15. 15 And lastly, this sandwich artist

  16. 16 The honorable knight from the sales team!

  17. 17 When you are bored AF and all you have is a dead fly!

  18. 18 We hope no one had a heart attack with this boredom buster prank.

  19. 19 When you forgot to bring your phone...

  20. 20 Milton lives on. The office was bored

  21. 21 Mechanic at my work got bored and welded this in his spare time this week

  22. 22 Got bored at work. decided to entertain myself

  23. 23 I got bored at work, so i drew the belchers on spoons

  24. 24 My friends have way too much free time at work

  25. 25 Got bored, built a dinosaur

  26. 26 Too much time on their hands and not enough work

  27. 27 What happens when a designer gets bored in the toilet!?

  28. 28 Bored aggressive fingers...

  29. 29 Bored and talented...

  30. 30 Meanwhile in IT department!

  31. 31 Aaron Carter having his picture taken with the gang at the call centre...!

  32. 32


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