27 Hilariously Cute Relationship Comics That Will Make Your Day


Our real selves manifest around the people that we’re most comfortable with such as our family, friends or our significant other. These are the people around which we have no filters, and we’re most whimsical with. Murrz is an artist based in Los Angeles that depicts what it’s like to be in a relationship that you’re truly comfortable in. Her comics show what it’s like to be truly in love with someone who you don’t mind being crazy with. 


We’ve listed 27 cute comics by Murrz in this post, you’ll fall in love with the art work. Scroll on and enjoy peeps. For More information on Murrz studio, check out the following links: Instagram | murrz-studio.com

  1. 1 Lol, you poor thing, you have no clue, do you?

  2. 2 When your bigass face is more blinding than your phone screen.Lol!

  3. 3 Small Boobz trick

  4. 4 I need the validation on a weekly basis.


  5. 5 Does your boyfriend have the special ability to go into his "nothing box" where he can think of absolutely nothing?

  6. 6 ...when you make things worse...

  7. 7 When you go to sephora or morphe and get carried away.....

  8. 8 But they are comfy af!

  9. 9 Food baby!

  10. 10 Go horsey!

  11. 11 My boyfriend has nothing to wear....

  12. 12 Today at Ikea. I have a thing for chairs...especially rocking ones

  13. 13 Every single time....

  14. 14 I can't help it she's too cute i have to let her know!!

  15. 15 No matter how sick you're!

  16. 16 Squishing Beanz' ....and of course he comes and shows them off as I draw about his toe beans

  17. 17 Itty Bitty Titty Committee.

  18. 18 I swear girls like me need an extra 12 days off a year....its so brutal

  19. 19 Gymming is not a cute activity.

  20. 20 NOTHING!

  21. 21 I’m a terrible dancer...but alcohol says otherwise

  22. 22 Wearing an ancient 10 YR old disgusting bra...

  23. 23 EVEN men are better at make up and being pretty than me......

  24. 24 Sunday, Monday and me!

  25. 25 Cool tip!

  26. 26 Every Month!

  27. 27 Ouch!!


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