30 Times Google Had Perfect Answer For Weirdest Searches


There was once a time when people had to go to library, look for a particular book, and then search in it to know what they needed to know, then of course Mr. Google was introduced and all that changed. Now all we need to do is to take our laptop or mobile phone type www.google.com and then again type in the search bar what we need to type, press enter and then google will bombard us with all kinds of information that is available on internet on this topic. The Topic can be anything, it can be sports, entertainment, general knowledge, current affairs, your favorite super hero, your favorite celebrity or even ideas that are still under research, whatever it is google will give you answers.


However, sometimes when people get bored they test google skills by typing something stupid and funny, wanting to see what google will bring on this time. So they type these weird keywords and to their surprise they mostly find that google still has answers and these answers are equal to the task and equally weird. Listed below are 25 such weird searches that are seriously hilarious.

  1. 1 Typing "wut" on Google gives you this result

  2. 2 Searched for some bullshit

  3. 3 I accidentally searched "ryan goosling" instead of "ryan gosling" and I was not disappointed!

  4. 4 I googled sassy bird and was not disappointed!


  5. 5 Googled worst idea ever

  6. 6 Googled "sexy ghost" and got the best results!

  7. 7 Mistyped Dog breed and got Dog bread instead

  8. 8 Searched for "Majestic as F***". Totally satisfied with the result.

  9. 9 When I googled 'hideous nipple' but it wasn't this."

  10. 10 Googled "Russian Doggo"

  11. 11 Googled "best gaming mouse" was not disappointed...

  12. 12 I googled "dog swearing" and found the best thing I've seen in a long while

  13. 13 I did a typo and typed butthole instead of buttonhole...

  14. 14 This is what I got upon googling "Traumatizing video"

  15. 15 Googling a "solo cup" would give you this

  16. 16 Google "gangster goose" and get this awesome dude

  17. 17 Googled black whale instead of a blue one

  18. 18 Mis spelled Kimono dragon and got this awesome looking komodo dragon

  19. 19 Search Cat stuck in things on Google if you don't believe me

  20. 20 Not sure why I Googled Neckbeard..

  21. 21 Googled "Ham solo" and was not disappointed at all

  22. 22 Mistyped Barrack as Baroque and got this masterpiece

  23. 23 Megatron weds Optimus prime...

  24. 24 Google gives this image in the result if you search "overdose"

  25. 25 Sponge-bob? Na, we've got Sponge-dog

  26. 26 "Christ Prat" is full of swag

  27. 27 Behold the Tesla cat

  28. 28 Search Google for "Pictures to make you laugh", you can thank me later!

  29. 29 Googled "polar duck" was not disappointed!

  30. 30 I googled "animals sitting like dogs" and was not disappointed!


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