32 Struggles and Awkward Situations Almost Every Woman Can Relate To


Unlike men, being a woman is no easy feat! Guys can roll out of bed and still look good but for girls, it’s a constant struggle with a lot to maintain their good looks and dazzling charm.  There are tons of struggles that come in a package with all the awesomeness of being a woman. Even with all the routinely problems, girls are still flawless is their own special way.

In this post, we have listed 32 hilarious photos of all the struggles and awkward situations that almost every woman can relate to.


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  1. 1 When you can't move too much at an event

  2. 2 Guess I'll just use fake ones now

  3. 3 Long hair problems

  4. 4 The risk of sitting down in a hurry


  5. 5 When people think that they hurt me

  6. 6 after 5 years of doing my eyebrows, i just waxed off part of one...

  7. 7 Life is hard if you're 5 ft tall

  8. 8 When I start my makeup vs when I finish

  9. 9 Expectation vs Reality

  10. 10 When you sleep with makeup on

  11. 11 So tell me, do you like cucumber?

  12. 12 Short girls always need assistance

  13. 13 It's all about where she tilts

  14. 14 This has ruined many moods on many days

  15. 15 Wear a bracelet they said, it'll look good they said

  16. 16 That was an expensive piece

  17. 17 Why you should always wrap makeup while putting it in your bag

  18. 18 I didn't eat it

  19. 19 Gotta wear a matching bra

  20. 20 Every girl knows the struggle of these getting stuck in your hair

  21. 21 Girls know the struggle

  22. 22 When the contour isn't on point

  23. 23 Me with and without makeup, but still cute

  24. 24 I got this mask thinking it’d be relaxing and nice. But it’s not relaxing at all! It has no mouth hole! I can’t talk or breathe! This makes me look like a movie villain!

  25. 25 Story of our lives

  26. 26 The fastest way to lose weight:

  27. 27 How do I go home now?

  28. 28 To take a sexy selfie keep all mirrors in mind!

  29. 29 Or the feeling of taking your bra off after a long day.

  30. 30 When this happens.

  31. 31 Guys will just never understand periods in general.

  32. 32 The wind games

  33. 33 The wind games Season 2


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