25 Short Girl Moments That Are Annoying But Also Funny


Yes, short girls are cute, adorable, fun-sized, petite, cuddle-some and great at hugging. But we face life struggles with things that normal-sized people can’t imagine. Here are a few of those.


Let’s take a look.

  1. 1 Ah...the all too familiar 'top-shelf-accessibility struggle'.

  2. 2 When you've to put your life in danger to do grocery.

  3. 3 When a dress feels more like a blanket.

  4. 4 When people use you as an arm rest! (Seriously tho, don't do that!)


  5. 5 When even a bathroom selfie is out of reach.

  6. 6 When you have to drag your seat forward all the time so your legs reach the gas and brakes.

  7. 7 Aren't the jeans manufacturers aware that we exist!

  8. 8 When you want to be fiesty but your height won't allow that.

  9. 9 When you have to do this cuz your feet won't touch the ground.

  10. 10 You have to invest in an extendable brush handle to clean your car, cuz otherwise 'this'.

  11. 11 When no one understands.

  12. 12 How you feel when you have 6ft friends.

  13. 13 When he tries to reach for your waist but grabs something else instead!

  14. 14 When sunglasses become life savers.

  15. 15 When every skirt becomes a long one.

  16. 16 When you have to dive in to get your laundry!

  17. 17 Concerts become a waste of money.

  18. 18 SO real.

  19. 19 When you're hard to spot in a group photo.

  20. 20 Wait, do you see me now?

  21. 21 Now?!

  22. 22 There you go! Lol

  23. 23 When your new mermaid blanket covers you whole.

  24. 24 Perspective.

  25. 25 But then this is your motto!


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