24 People Who Really Need Adult Supervision


This world is full of funny and weird people. When it comes to weirdness and stupidity, age is just a number. The perception that age is directly proportional to maturity may not always hold true. You can find weird people in all age groups.


Listed below in this post are 25 such cases of human weirdness that definitely need proper mature adults to guide and supervise them. These photos are pretty hilarious and will make you laugh out loud. So if you are having a bad day then scroll down and enjoy peeps, it’ll really brighten up your mood:

  1. 1 101 ways to day on the road

  2. 2 I would like to see their supervisor certificates!!

  3. 3 Sometimes even simple brow tinting needs supervision!

  4. 4 Not a thing can stop this guy.


  5. 5 That's defo a limited shirt

  6. 6 For God's Sake, NO!

  7. 7 This is what it looks like when someone tries way too hard to be cool, but ends up looking like this

  8. 8 My husband sleeping in the bed we got for our little one! A supervisor needs a supervision!

  9. 9 Keep the sauce coming

  10. 10 My eyes hurt, somebody please tell him the proper way of eating!

  11. 11 Tattoo supervisor required!

  12. 12 When you've gotta make a fashion statement but deep down you weak AF

  13. 13 Rolex has issued search warrants for this guy

  14. 14 When your mom leaves you in the kitchen to watch the food in the oven...

  15. 15 Stealing the Rolex from my little one isn't turning out to be a good idea

  16. 16 Uni-brow? Pretty sure your mom won't approve of this

  17. 17 Definitely needed supervision, at least while deciding the superheroes

  18. 18 I broke my mom's microwave oven. This was the best attempt I could make on fixing it.

  19. 19 When mommy lets you play in the rain

  20. 20 70 years old, still needs to be supervised or this happens

  21. 21 It's dinner time Spidey!

  22. 22 Men will be men....always need a woman to supervise them!

  23. 23 Ages 29,31 and 33...

  24. 24 Come down if you wanna see wonderland


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